Board Members
Onedia S. James 
A former two-sport high school athlete and a retired war-time disabled veteran with 23 years of leading, planning, training and executing complex operations from her distinguished, honorable, and highly decorated career which includes being a 2x Bronze Star, Global War on Terrorism and Iraqi Campaign Medial Campaign Stars (ICMCS), Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Campaign (GWOTE) Medal, Global War on Terrorism Service (GWOTS)  recipient while serving in United States Army, is a co-owner of 1 Shot All-American Combine Company and the founder of Eye Baller Inc., a nonprofit that helps to serve two of Mrs. James’ lifetime passions since retiring in 2016. And these passions are to increase education associated with recruiting as well as bring visibility for those student-athletes seeking to further their opportunities beyond their high school playing surfaces. Mrs. James a student of life herself still continues to further her education as she has recently received her doctorate in business administration because she firmly believes that education is a priceless vehicle in life’s journey. 
Edwin (Jody) Thomas
A native Texan with over 20 years of service, recently has retired as an honorable and distinguished disabled veteran from the United States Army with over 20 years of military service. Jody who was a high school athlete brings tremendous character and support to Eye Ballers Inc., because he believes strongly that education with great work ethic will take student-athletes to levels that will challenge, develop, and mold them into the leaders that they each possess by maintaining a great regiment, direction, and encouragement from joining an awesome team that will help hold accountability as a premium quality to succeed in life and on the multiple surfaces that our student-athletes, parents, and coaches will find themselves on and dealing with while they journey through life. 
Anthony Mills 
A former high school athlete and a native of the great state of Mississippi, is a retired disabled veteran with a distinguished and honorable 23-year career in the United States Army who has also excelled in life through educational success from college and several different certification programs also brings a uniqueness to the Eye Baller Inc. team that will challenge, inform and encourage our student-athletes, parents, and coaches to become their very best version of themselves as they continue onward and upward from their time with Eye Baller Inc.